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The Benue South Senatorial District Caucus Meeting took place on Friday 20th of April 2018. The meeting which was to discussed the forth coming congresses and national convention of the party was attended by Senior party members from the nine local government of the district.

The State Chairman of the party Comrade Abba Yaro however came to the meeting with six bus load of Thugs and Cultist led by one Austine Agada, who was introduced as SSA Administration to the governor of Benue State and Daniel Ekele Alias Ndidi.

Trouble started when the former senate president, Barrister Ameh Ebute observed that the atmosphere was not conducive for party business and was shouted down by Mohammed Hassan the District Zonal Chairman whose brother Illyasus Hassan was positioned at the high table to attack any one with dissenting opinion from their agenda. The former Senate President amidst shout of seat down insisted that no serious business can be discussed in that atmosphere.

The Minister of Agriculture Mr. Audu Ogbeh who rose to speak was also shouted down by Abba Yaro’s Thug but he insisted that there shall be no imposition contrary to Mr. Yaro’s insistence that he should be endorsed and pronounced unopposed.

Hon. Hassan Anthony Saleh, the member representing Okpokwu, Ado and Ogbadibo federal constituency was denied access to the microphone and was rather told to go back to PDP amidst push to attack him.

The meeting was however brought to an abrupt end when the thugs started clapping and shouting calling Mr. Ogbeh the Minister, Mr. Cattle Colony on Abba Yaro’s order. Hon Hassan Saleh was followed and dragged by Illyasu Hassan and Daniel Ekele Alias Ndidi.

It took the intervention of the Ministers Security aide to rescue the member of the National Assembly from the venue. The district chairman Mohammed Hassan at this point shifted the meeting from Double K. Hotel to the party Zonal Secretariat across the road for item 7 according to him.

The money meant for the cultist and thugs was handed over to Illyasu Hassan an alleged cultist of the Red Beret which led to a scuffle and an alleged cultist of Black Axe who felt short-changed shot and killed the Red Beret fellow at the zonal party secretariat.

Abba Yaro who ran out at this point left Hassan Mohammed to contend with the crisis and left for Makurdi.

The Red Beret Cult went on rampage searching for the Black Axe to their homes hence one Pastor Sam was killed by Illyasu Hassan and his group.

An eye witness Mr. Owoicho Adah said, I have never seen a thing like this as PDP in their impunity never brought death and sorrow to Idoma land with their internal crisis. Can you imagine Abba Yaro stormed the venue of the meeting with six truck loads of thugs and cultist only to disembarked from his vehicle at the junction leading to the hotel and being escorted to the hotel with heavily armed thugs? Abba Yaro, Mohammed Hassan and Austine Agada should be arrested and charge for murder of those youth.

Another eye witness, Barrister Mathias Onoja in his opinion asked the elders of the party to petition the national secretariat of the party as Abba Yaro, Hassan Mohammed conduct of invading the party meeting with thugs and cultist is in violation of article 21 vii and viii which led to the death of persons at the party premises and in Otukpo town as higher death toll will be recorded during the congress proper. He also advised the elders to petition the police for murder against Abba Yaro and his cohorts to stem this tide of violence of higher dimensions.

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